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The entire process we went through to release our first collection of 5 designs was definitely more laborious and complicated than we anticipated. We're very excited to share this gallery showcasing a sneak-peek of what goes into manufacturing our products.

Each photo contains a short description to better understand the context.

For anyone aspiring to build their own brand: Always avoid cutting corners. Sometimes we're lazy and tend to forget that customers do care and do realize when a product was made in a meaningful way. Always go that extra mile, show quality and most importantly, show that you actually care about your brand and the people who pay attention to it.


[Fig. 1] It all stars with and idea which is then translated into a digital vector-based canvas. Every design takes an average of 5 days to completely finish.


[Fig. 2] After the design is ready, we get in contact with our screen-printer, his name is Enrique and this is his shop.


[Fig. 3] Enrique's vast collection of inks.


[Fig. 4] He then proceeds to make a film positive of our design. If you look carefully you can see both inks are separated (black and red in this case).


[Fig. 5] After that, he prepares the mesh. He does this by "burning in" the film positive with a photo sensitive chemical called photo emulsion into a very fine mesh. He coats the mesh with photo emulsion, flashes it with light for a specific time and it results in some kind of "stencil" with our design in it. On this example, ink can only get through the white parts, the rest (which is purple) is the photo emulsion hardened.


[Fig. 6] The mesh in position, ready for printing. (Each ink requires its own mesh)


[Fig. 7] A black ink pot.


[Fig. 8] After our screen-printer finished, each piece is then individually labeled. At this stage, we add the neck label and the square logo tag at the bottom.


[Fig. 9] Our square logo tags, made of damasco.


[Fig. 10] Each logo tag is manually sewed in.


[Fig. 11] After printing and sewing, we now have the finished product! We then proceed to store it on labeled boxes.


[Fig. 12] Whenever someone places an order, we dispatch it via Registered Mail using Mexico Post. All parcels have been delivered so far!

 [Fig. 13] Example of a delivered parcel to Netherlands (NL).


We find fascinating that people all over the world show interest and are able to receive our products. Thank you for your trust, we'll keep pushing to do our best.

Let's hope this journey continues.


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  • lif.

    i’m in love! the amount of effort and time there is put into is amazing. and many brands would charge way higher prices for way less effort! i’m amazed. keep it up!

  • leusco

    me mama



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