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    Small orders

    We ship worldwide for free via Registered Mail (postal service). Orders take from 1 to 4 days to get dispatched after you buy. We also include a tracking number.

    Cost ETA (Business days)
    $5 USD FREE 10-15 days
    $5 USD FREE 1-3 days
    Europe $8 USD FREE 10-20 days
    Rest of the world $9 USD FREE 15-28 days


    Orders above $100 USD

    We offer FedEx Economy for free in the following regions. FedEx is much faster than the postal service.
    If your order is below $100 you can choose to pay the difference at checkout.

    Cost ETA (Business days)
    FREE 4-7 days
    FREE 4-7 days
    United Kingdom
    FREE 5-10 days
    Europe FREE 5-10 days




      • Please understand that once your parcel is dispatched, we have zero control over it.
      • Some countries will stop updating the tracking info once they get the parcel. (E.g. Australia, Canada)
      • Some countries will have a connecting flight instead of a direct one (E.g. Greece, Morocco)
      • Please be aware that packages may be subject to unexpected delays. (E.g. Customs)
      • This is registered mail, only you can claim the parcel. They may ask you for a signature/ID.
      • Postal service is not the fastest, but it is reliable. All parcels have been delivered so far.




    Shipping F.A.Q.

    Still have questions? Contact us.

    Registered Mail is registered by the post office when sent in order to assure safe delivery, it provides more control than regular mail. This type of mail can only be received by the destinatary written on the parcel and when delivered, they may ask for an ID and signature.

    Here's a Registered Mail stamp:

    To put it simply, the international postal service is an agreement between two countries who form part of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), to deliver a letter/parcel. This means that your country's postal service will deliver it to you (E.g. USPS, Royal Mail, La Poste)

    Its main difference from private services like FedEx, DHL and UPS, is that it is reliant on commercial flights. This is why it tends to be much slower.

    We like to segment the entire process into 5 stages:

    STAGE 1 - The parcel is dispatched at a local post office in the origin country.
    STAGE 2 - The parcel is transferred to an international airport.
    STAGE 3 - The origin country notifies the destination country.
    STAGE 4 - The parcel is sent from the origin country in a commercial flight.
    STAGE 5 - The destination country receives and delivers the parcel.

    No one likes unexpected fees at checkout, and it's not very customer friendly to charge for standard air mail which can take a few weeks to arrive. What you see in your cart is the final amount to pay. We think that our products are fairly priced and we will continue to absorb the shipping fees for as long as we can!

    • Registered Mail

    If you're not home at the time of delivery, the courier will not be able to deliver the parcel. In which case, they should leave a note at your door notifying you about the attempted delivery and specify the nearest post office.

    Some postal services let you reschedule the delivery, so make sure to call them and ask. If the parcel goes back to the post office, they normally hold it for 30 days before it returns to the recipient (us) if no one claims it in that time-frame.

    • Fedex

    They are much more flexible and they may leave the parcel at your door or let a family member receive it.

    Here's a summary of Mexico Post's shipping updates:

    • 1. Administración Postal Cholula de Rivadabia, Pue., En tránsito hacia destino

    Your parcel was handed to our local post office in Puebla, Mexico. This is the moment where the tracking number is generated and we mark your order as shipped with the tracking link.

    • 2. Oficina Operativa BJ REG EXP, CDMX, Recepción en Oficina de Correos

    Your parcel has arrived at the Mexico City international airport (Benito Juarez), ready for processing.

    • 3. Oficina de Cambio México, En zona de intercambio int. hacia el país destino, previo Aduana

    Your parcel has entered the exchange zone to the destination country, the customs inspection process begins.

    • 4. COM Benito Juarez Int. D.F., Pieza depositada en valija y enviada a oficina del País destino

    Your parcel cleared customs! It is now deposited in an airplane and sent to the destination country.

    There are a number of reasons as to why a parcel may be delayed, we urge you to be patient when it comes to the shipping process.

    Here are the most common reasons:

    • Incorrect address
    • Customs delay
    • Natural disasters
    • Political conflicts
    • Logistics issue
    • Holidays/Festive days
    • Airport backlog
    • Bad luck

    If you feel like your order is way too delayed, feel free to contact us and we'll give you the most accurate status of your parcel we can provide.

    Introducing fake info is not a good practice when buying goods online.

    For the best customer experience, please introduce a real home address and phone number. Otherwise your credit card may get declined, your parcel may get detained in customs or in other cases, your order will not get delivered.

    We only use the customer address and phone for shipping purposes. Your data is safe.

    All parcels are sent from Puebla, Mexico


    All countries we have shipped to:

    Thoughtfully Made

    We ensure that our handmade products are done in a meaningful way from the design to the screen-printing.

    Worldwide Shipping

    We ship all of our products via Registered Mail for the entire world. We have shipped to 25 countries.

    Safe Shopping

    Rest assured your information is secure in our store, sensitive data is never exposed to anyone.